This website was designed to find the best plants from Ozbreed for your situation. From rain garden to roof top, this website will showcase the plants you are looking for.

How to use the site...

  1. Choose an option from "Uses" or "Where it works" in the top menu.
  2. Now, choose other options on the left including the plant variety, colours, plant types, uses and more.


Find the best plants for…

  • Full sun, part shade or heavy shade
  • Commercial or residential landscape projects
  • Screening or hedging
  • Mass planting, specimen planting or a garden feature
  • Screening or hedging
  • Seaside gardens
  • Modern or traditional gardens
  • Playgrounds, green roofs, green walls or rain gardens
  • Grey water or erosion control
  • Moderate frost tolerance or heavy frost tolerance


Please note that you cannot buy plants from this website, but there is a link to show you a list of providers for each plant range. Below is a list of the plant ranges available from Ozbreed…

  • Strappy Leaf Plants: Tough Dianella and Lomandra plants that need less work and are more uniform. These native plants are often used in road side plantings and home gardens.
  • Native Grasses: A selection of more ornamental, tough native grasses such as Themeda, Poa, and Pennisetum. One of the best things about native grasses is that they are quick to establish, providing a fast and easy landscape gardening solution.
  • Foliage First Range: Foliage First consists of landscape gardening plants that have beautiful foliage 365 days per year. Plant colours range from blue, to green, to red, with many and varied tones in between. Most Foliage First landscape gardening plants have magnificent flowers as an added bonus.
  • Native Shrubs and Ground Covers: The shrubs and groundcovers in this range have been chosen for better performance and looks. They are able to handle harsh conditions including drought while still looking great in your garden, often with less maintenance needs.
  • Velvet Kangaroo Paws: Landscape Kangaroo Paws that are more frost tolerant, more drought tolerant and much less likely to get black spot.
  • Hardy Exotic Range: The Hardy Exotic Range of plants is tougher than common exotic plants. This range takes the beauty of exotic plants and gives them better performance and lower maintenance for landscapers and gardeners alike. These plants have been bred to be non-invasive.
  • Advanced Trees: This exciting range will provide landscapers and gardeners with more uniform, improved and superior forms of native tree varieties
  • Encore Azaleas: The Encore Azalea range boasts beautiful repeat flowering in spring, summer and autumn. The Azalea's in this range are heat and drought tolerant, with some of the plants being lace bug resistant.
  • Emporium Range/Hotties Range: Plants, shrubs and ground covers that are perfect for the home environment. These retail oriented plants are great additions to the home garden.

If you need some more help working out which plant is right for you, take a look at our guide to choosing the right plants blog under the about us section.